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My little skull

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  • 4 weeks later...

I finally got around to trying D.S.'s skull idea, but on a smaller scale.
I thought why not try to put that on the end of a bottle opener?
This was my first attempt, and right away see that I need to make some more appropriate tooling to make them faster and better.
The teeth definitely need work, this one looks more like a voodoo skull.... But for the first go around this definitely has potential to be some neat projects.

Thanks DS for posting this idea, process, and great pictures!


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Great tip, I've seen some the skulls can exhibit different characteristics just by how much forehead is showing as well as the shape of the eye sockets.
Round punch is all I had for this experiment, and now know that other more dedicated tooling is need for eyes/nose/teeth. cool stuff... :)

When you say angle the eye die in, do you mean toward the center of the skull, or upwards going in toward the top of the head?

If I had a power hammer that could move 4+" metal, you can believe I would be playing with the big stuff all the time!!

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I have a die with both eyes on one tool, it keeps them centered on the mass and won't let it rock to one side. You can also flip the tool to tilt the other way and make a "poor me" looking skull. You will need a bit more power to punch both at once, the advantage of power hammering. I have made around 50 and they all defiantly have their own personality!

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