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My little skull

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Well, I made up some skull punches and gave this thing a try. Looks like I need to work on my proportions. This one is from 1-1/2" round stock. All hand work took about 1-1/2 hours. Next one will be done in the press to see the time savings.


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Thanks. The texture is just from heating and hammering. I spent a lot of time rounding up the top of the skull and hammering in the 3 sided tenon for the jaw. Michael, you actually cut out a part of the material for the back of the jaw? Thanks for the drawing. That helps. Were you using pieces already cut off instead of attached to a bar?

I'll use the press for forging out the jaw (tenon) and maybe rounding up the top of the head. Unless I simplify the shape and not try to get it more life like.

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No cutting, forged. The triangle tool isolates the material then use the block to shape. I have found the more I fiddle with them the less I like them, do them quick. I made about a dozen or so one day trying to figure out the head for my sculpture BRD. I ended up with the bird skull which was forge from 4" square billet. When I get some time I'll do a photo series to give you a better idea.

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