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I had to laugh when I read your reponse. I just emailed pictures of some work I did to a friend. They were wind chimes I just finished and they were hanging in my shop. I noticed that my shop looked like a bomb inside a huge container of scrap metal, tools , water bottles, spent sanding belts etc,, had exploded in my shop. Maybe I should clean up tonight.

That forge looks really nice. Is table(?) of it made from quaterplate? what are the approximate dimesions of it? Anyway,, nicely done!

Happy holidays all!!!!


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I cleaned up the shop while waiting for the firepot to arrive from Centaur...it's usually a mess, but I like it this way. Maybe I'll clean up more often.

The steel table was sitting outside my cousin's welding shop so it only took a bit of cutting and welding to make the forge. The forge area under the hood is 24 X 31 with angle iron welded around for sides. The table area in front of the forge is 16 X 31 and there is a small 8 X 31 area behind the hood to hold fire tools. Luckily, the hood fit the table perfectly.


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Don A...sorry I missed your post. The blower is an electric blower salvaged from an old heater, the same one I used on my old flat forge.I don't know the CFM. I used dryer duct to get from the blower to the forge. I had a dimmer switch type speed control but removed it in favor of an air gate to control the air volume. I also had the blower wired through a foot switch (from a sewing machine) so when I stepped away from the forge the blower would quit....it saved coal and kept me from absent mindedly burning up pieces. I needed the switch for another project and haven't replaced it yet.

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