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  1. Well thanks for the link That's sort of what I was thinking of doing
  2. Can anyone identify the machine this fellow used to grind his blades? The accompanying article says he was a stock removal man. Looks like the machine is set up to grind two sides at once and presumably create a hollow grind. Is this something he fabricated or something he modified, or...? The article proper https://clarksonhistory.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/secrets-of-the-dead-the-richtig-knife/
  3. Okey, obviously got the right guys to talk to here. Thanks for the image link G.O.G. What I see looks like a choker chain with a hand made grab hook on one end and a large link on the other. I'll show her that and see what she says Googling about a bit after I posted here, I did find http://store.chainsawr.com/products/keyhole-chain-hook-loggergrab and http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_479598_479598 No way I can make them that cheaply, but I'll see if that's what she wants. Maybe we can trade something. She's got an industrial Singer sewing machine and I
  4. Woman with Haflingers wants a "bitch hook" No, that's what she said, honest. Looked it up, and found bitch hook n. a curved metal device used with a chain to hold or secure lumber or other things, or to brake a sled on descents. Also bitch link. Editorial Note: The unpublished manuscript for the Lexicon of Trade Jargon (circa 1938-39, now at the Library of Congress) includes in its section on “Lumber Workers’ Slang and Jargon” an entry for bitch chain and defines it as a “Heavy, short chain with hook and ring, used to fasten the lower end of a ‘gin pole’ (q.v.) to a sled or car
  5. Don't find a technique forum, so posting here. Apologies if this isn't the right forum. How do you upset to one side of a square rod? I've wanted to make a pair of holdfasts for a joiners workbench since I first read about a guy named Rob Tarule using them in an article in Fine Woodworking. They're very fast and flexible compared to a vise. Since I read that article, Chris Schwarz has gone on a tear and popularized the Roubo workbench, so much so that you can't hardly swing a dead possum without hitting one on the Interwebs. Peter Ross recently made a close if not exact replica
  6. Seamus

    forge & blower

    2x4's, angle iron, firebrick and a Centaur forge firepot-tuyere combination.
  7. Had to straighten the tommy bar and re-curve the spring and weld a crack in the bracket near the eye
  8. Seamus

    yardsale vise - $6.50

    Guy had been doing auto body work in his shop and welded a length of rebar onto the leg to make it taller. I've got the bracket but have to make a spring and wedges
  9. portable vise bracket for demonstrations
  10. Seamus

    Anvil & vise stand

    Neat rig for a small Peter Wright and vise stand
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