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New demo forge

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I spent the last two days on my new demo rig. The forge base is 23x25 inches, its got a slide out steel rack, vise mounted on directly, weighted ash dump 11" brake drum firepot, and I can roll it like hand trucks to wherever I'm demoing. I did a test fire and it works great!






It just lacks the red paint! :o

There are more pictures on my blog which is linked in my sign off!

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Looks great to me! The only things I would add would be to make the legs collapsible so you can lower it to get it in a truck with a camper shell---or a station wagon.

Oh yes add a holder for a fire extinguisher. I've found that places will let you do outrageous things if they see you have a fire extinguisher to hand---"He must be safe, see he's has taken safety precautions..." I've never used mine in 30+ years of smithing; but most folks seem to think the forge fire is just waiting to jump out and chase people around.

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Want to sell it? ask RT what color to paint it!

Want to buy it? ;)

I think it would be fun to build a forge every month or something, if I could sell them. I enjoy the fab work.

Mr. Thomas,
I'm not using the truck and camper shell anymore for carrying stuff. I bought a 12 foot enclosed trailer. I'm installing six shelves with enough room between for stuff like the forge, anvil, tents, and diplay shelving. I would think it would have been difficult to make it sturdy enough to hold the vice if the legs collapsed down. If I was using a bench vice that would have been a GREAT idea for space efficiency.

Four pipe legs with large pipe recievers mounted on the forge base. When you get to the demo sight, just slide the legs into the recievers. Packing space would be the size of the forge base and only about 6 or 7 inches tall.

I've never had trouble from festivals about the fire, just folks (usually fabrics) fussing about smoke or soot. :o
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Well I got it all painted up, along with the blower and the vice painted to match. I just did a show Saturday. The forge worked very well, easy to move around, the vice is stable for ligh to medium work. The anvil stand worked good but since I was on a leaning side walk, it sort of walked off on me, so I had to move it back in place often. Anyway here is the demo set up along with my booth display.

Size down version of the Champion #40 blower. Great little blower and it got sooted up after about ten minutes! LOL

A good demo vice!

The whole kit!

Most of my display!

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You may want to think about a tripod anvil stand, they sit better on uneven ground. I can never get something with 4 legs to sit right without shimming and bolting it down.
Looking good, I like the display racks

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