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Not one blow wasted

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Being able to work like that is the result the experience of having made the same thing over and over. Its not magic its just hard work and perseverance. Its sort of like learning dance moves well. you don't need a fancy hammer either all that matters is the the shape of the faces. Some may disagree.

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Brian has made beau coups rounding hammers. In the old catalogs of the 1890's, that style was termed the New York Pattern Turning Hammer. The old timers said that they "turned a horseshoe." meaning that they forged one or made one. When I started shoeing in the 1960's, Heller Bros was still making them. They have one regular face, slightly rockered, and one ball face. We don't call it a ball peen, because peens are smaller than faces. In turning horseshoes, the ball face is used on the initial toe bend. It is also used sometimes to concave a portion of the shoe's foot surface to prevent sole pressure.

You will notice certain things as Brian works. The ball face is facing him before he picks up the hammer. It could face away from him, but it doesn't. Picking up the hammer this way can become a good habit. Most shouldering and chamfering is done with the ball face, but he turns the hammer over occasionally.

In blacksmithing, one eventually develops an arsenal of hammers. I have two rounding hammers that I will use, one with a moderate ball face and one with an extreme ball face.

http://www.turleyforge.com Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools

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Just to add a little to what Mr Turley has just said, when you watch a demo, you need to focus on more than the demo.

The stance and position of the smith'(s), how they position themselves in relation to the anvil, how they handle, hold and swing their hammer, how do they get the power into the hammer's blow, hammer face shapes and how and which portion makes contact and ask yourself why it is used in that way,

All these go into making for forging efficiency, and we all have different ways, find what works for you, and develop it.

You may look at a demo, but do you see what is being shown ?

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