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Busted Face CL Anvil

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i have lifted the face on two anvils one looked mutch like the one in the photo when we had done with it ,olso knocked the tail of another ,its easy done working on heavy chain ,and shackles when the job cannot be got back in a fire ,and men are tired working on cooling iron ,with a job that has to be got out ,now . Though most big anvils get cracked using a swing monkey and catching the edge of the face a glancing blow.Unless you know the history of the anvil ,dont be so hard on the men that used it, some of the work that went over it proberly wasnt easy, and some verging on mission impossible,and remember rough work was done on the rough anvils ,keeping both steeled toe boots on the floor would be good advice when in the company of lads bouncing there anvil 6ins in the air ,in the dry dock ,driving out rusted shackle pins ,and it is there anvil after all .

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Back in the day you could just buy a new one so why not wear it out and use it up. I'm not talking about abuse but hard use. imagine having to dress hundreds of steel tools with a two strikers or flatten large steel plates that came out of a fire. You could also send it out to have a new face put on it as many times as you liked. What ticks me off is the guys in the 1940's 50's and 60's who burned them up with cutting torches and welding rods. They were just too lazy to use a horse or table. I have seen many a good anvil ruined by this sort of mindless abuse. Most smiths were tradesmen they were largely unsentimental about their tools. If you wore it out doing your work you should have been able to afford a replacement. Sometimes the job your doing is worth more than the tool.

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Guy posting said he was told once upon a time it was a Peter Wright. Calling him today to see if he had any offers yet. I have five good anvils right now so its the same old problem if explaining to my female half why I need it lol.

Didnt like my offer, granted he's only asking $150 but I have no need of a fixer upper right now ;)
Said he didnt have any back story or info on it at all, guessing he found it cheap somewhere and thats about it heh oh well hope someone can put it back into use~


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How does anyone "let" anything happen? New car turn into a clunker, hot bod turn into a lardbutt, kids grow up to be hoodlums? Call it what you like: Sloth, Apathy, path of least resistance. The two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and human stupidity.

Like the song says: "We never failed to fail; it was the easiest thing to do."

And that doesn't even take into account the sociopaths who delight in destruction.

I now have 4 abused anvils to repair/reface/rehabilitate, all picked up for about $1/lb, the worst for much less. And I have a line on some old post vises, in varying conditions. Summer projects.

I'm fighting entropy, but its winning.

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It could have very well be from a bad face/body weld. If so what the heck should the original owners have done to prevented it from being manufactured wrong?

Last time I bought an anvil missing most of the face---and the heel---I paid $5 for it and it still weighs over 100 pounds!

I wouldn't go over 50 cents a pound myself, it's like buying a used car with a blown engine and a bent frame and messed up body---doesn't sell for anything near what a good condition one does...more like scrap rate!

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