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Six Pointed Star with a Circle Anvil ID

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Hi all, first post here, but I've been lurking a bit.

I picked up an Anvil today from an antique dealer type friend, since I let him know I was keen on any he might find. Price was good regardless, but I'm trying to get more info about the make.

It's ~100lber, in great shape with a 6-pointed Star and a circle in the middle of the Star.

I checked the Anvils in America book, and it's obviously not the "American Star" anvil, which had a 5-pointed star logo, but there seems to be some belief that it's an F&N production from after the time American Star got bought out or whatever.

Anybody have anymore info about this thing? It's got great rebound, in excellent shape, but I'm not experienced enough probably to evaluate ring. I'm looking at this for a user, not a collection piece, so any more info would be appreciated.

The star is pretty obvious, but I didn't notice any numbering etc.

Can get a pic posted if needed.

Thanks all!

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Ok, I snapped some pics. Only markings I can make out besides the emblem is something that looks like a "9" on the end below the horn.

It's approx dimensions are as follows:

18.5" L x 9" H

Face is 3.5" W by 11" L, hardy seems to be 3/4"

Pardon the pics, we've got crap lighting in our house:


Photos might not show it, but it's very straight, the face is dead flat, except for that minor edge damage, oxidation is minimal, I'll likely clean it up tomorrow.

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I'm not an expert, but it appears to. It definitely appears to have a separate top plate, and the rebound is nearly 1:1 on the faceplate, yet very little on the horn, different sounds also, the face has a very sharp sound, the horn is more blunt.

I cleaned it up a bit, and while there's a fair bit of minor pitting on the sides, there's very little on the face, and only on one edge.

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I know this is an older topic but I just found one of these anvils too.  Did anyone ever figure out what it was?  The one I found is cast with a steel plate face like a Vulcan but the face seems thicker.  The numbers stamped on the front foot are 100 which I assume is the weight.







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Very interesting that the "100" is on the foot, same as Fisher.  I have a 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 150 LB  "6-Point Star", none of which have the weight on the foot, only under the horn.  Gives more credence to Fisher producing the anvils.

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Fisher made anvil, called a Farmer's or Prospector's anvil.  Made by Fisher as a cheaper anvil than their regular line, meant to compete with the cheaper Vulcan anvils.  Fisher made them, but were not sold by them.  They sent them all to distributors for sale.  They did not acknowledge making them,  and they had no warranty.  Fisher did not want to compete with themselves for sales.  

They had a thinner faceplate than Fisher anvils.   And most found today have some damage.

The whole story is found in my book on Fisher anvils.  Information in my profile.

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