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I have a line on a Peter Wright. 204 lbs. no pics yet. Fellow says it's in good shape but he also said it weighed 100 lbs. Then he gave me the numbers 1 3 8. He's asking $600. Does that seem a little high?

Unless it's factory new, it's a bit high.
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Evidently I'm cheaper than the other Thomas; must go with the name...

I bought a 112# PW with a nearly mint face and the tip of one foot broken off for US$150 less than a year ago in NM---a much anvil drier place than TX.

Of course the deal was so good that I had to buy it, it's now part of my travel anvils for teaching. I would not have bought it for $2 a pound much less $3 a pound.

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Arftist is right, $3 lb could be a fair price depending on if it is useable or needs work. You can wait for a better deal/ lower price but if this is here now and you need it.... When you go to look at it if it has flaws offer less money, cash talks, just bring the whole amount.

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