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I Forge Iron

Forged Jewelry?

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Would it be practical to forge jewelry out of iron? I want to do a bracelets or arm ring probably from at the very heaviest 5/16 inch round stock for Christmas (or the holidays for those as want). If it's not a ridiculous idea, then snake motif or plant motif? I had some friends over and they were playing with the family snake and I thought it'd make a nice piece of jewelry. I'll probably do a lily bracelet (flower on one end bend back on itself, and leaf bent back on itself on the other)
even if it isn't, practical I'm doing it anyways, I mostly want your opinion n the motif.
Thank eversomuchmoreso!

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Forged jewelry is rather common; may I suggest using stainless steel to lessen rust problems? I know several smiths with patternwelded bracelets/rings, lots of re-enactors with mild steel penannular brooches, etc.

I like to hot forge silver to make jewelry---gotta be carefuly you don't melt it in the forge but it's soft and easy to work at temp!


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