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Combo Vise stand

Timothy Miller

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I took this photo months ago and meant to post a then. We made this first as a vise stand only to then decided that we needed a place for the Hossfeld bender as well. It has worked out very well in the shop and gets used frequently. I thought I would share it with all of you. It is the result of several peoples input and labor. This is used in the center of the shop for heavy bending and for holding jigs also times when you just need a big strong vise. The vise is a 7" fisher double screw chain vise. It opens over 12" and grips like a bull dog. I once griped a 2" round bar 3' long it held my weight out on the end (210 lbs) off the floor and did not move.



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I have found I need my handle to swing all the way around counter clockwise quite often, more often than all the way clockwise. You may find you need to flip the frame 180, I built a swivel base that allows me to position the frame ever 10 degree or so, comes in real handy in a tight shop (I used to work out of my two car garage ya know!)

Assuming your right handed that is ;)

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I have an 8" I might be willing to sell.

I would be very interested in the vise you might be willing to sell. Is it the same type? I am located in Montana but do not mind paying the shipping if the equipment is good and the price is right. I have a smaller post vise that has been really good but want something a bit heavier that grabs better as I some times have to tighten mine so hard i worry about damaging the thread. Send me a couple of pictures and some info if you can.
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