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Isn't it strange that today many that are frugal are deemed 'cheap' and it is seen as a massive negative. And the spendthrifts, those that have no sence as to the value of actual 'earned' money seem to be held in some esteem.


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Growing up we would give our kids their school clothing allowance to spend as they liked; but before they could buy new they had to go and look over the thrift store. Very quickly they figured out that buying new they could afford maybe 3 pieces; but at the thrift store they could fill a cart with the same brands in great condition and be seen as a real snazzy dresser. Seems to have took as they both tend to go to the thrift store *first* these days when they are out on their own.

What I tried to teach them is that *quality* is more important than new/vs used.

As for books---well I prefer the library for the "read once" books; but will often then keep an eye open at the fleamarket or friends of the library book sale for the ones I want to re-read of give to friends to read. Particularly in Non-Fiction the library is a great place to go and see what other books are in the same location and on the same topic. I will generally ILL an expensive research book so I can decide if it's woth the big bucks before buying, (so far my most expensive blacksmithing book was about $325 for "The Knight and the Blast Furnace" and that was *used* of course!)

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I know what you mean. Years ago I was selling a bunch of industrial tongs for $8 and $10 a pair cheap. What I mean by industrial is that they held 1/2" to 1" stock but their handles were 36" or so long. They weren't selling. People would come up and look at them and then walk away. Now the older smiths were buying several at a time. So I started asking why the others weren't buying them. The answer was that the handles were too long! So I cut them down to the length I would use them at and charged them $20 to $25 a pair. That sure didn't make sense to me, but then I sold out.

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