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I have just started doing some pattern welding. I like the look of the bright lines in some billets, but am at a loss to find nickel steel.

Is there a common supplier of nickel steels? Or is there a common item that I should be looking for at scrap yards that have a high nickel content?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2011,


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nickel 200 shim stock is pure nickel and leaves a white line
Also the carbon will not migrate through that layer.
Many use this to lay up the pattern in powder damascus. It seperated the differrent powders to make the design

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781 - what is the nickel 200 shim stock used for and where could I expect to find it? I have used metal shims on a car starter and wooden shims on doors and windows...but am unfamilar with the nickel 200 shims.

Thanks for the replys,


You can order it from places like McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com) and Admiral Steel (http://www.admiralsteel.com/shop/). I can't help you with local sources in Montana.
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Also I think the bandsaw blade you are looking for are from wood saws but not the style a person would have in a home shop. Most have a blade 1 1/2" wide or wider.
Round saw blades can be L6
Take a small piece of your found material and etch it to see what color you end up with
You can also harden a small sample to see how hard it gets.
As for welding nickel it welds to steel fine but doesnt like to weld to its self so dont have it on the outside and do a fold.
I bought a roll years ago when it was cheap from another knife guy and dont want to share Sorry.
I havent pattern welded for a long time but used to get a good dark light pattern using bearing stock and leaf spring with some band saw blade.

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