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what type of steel

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Tim McCoy found some concrete blades that had been tossed. I took a chunk to work and did a quick heat treating with the torch. At a red heat in water it just got tough, at a yellow+ heat (starting to sparkle some) in oil it got hard enough that a file slides across it. Any ideas? Tim is checking to see if he can get any info on who they were made by to track down some info.

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First step in JYS testing: done result---High C;

Second test: try it again in a slower quench medium---eg: warm oil if that was in water Does it still snap nicely?

Third Test: heat to different temps before quenching and breaking and check grain size to determine proper quenching temp.

Fourth test: with a piece hardened, run the temper colours so that each colour is about 1" wide on the piece and break them in a vise set to the center of each band---do the lowest temper colour first and work to the highest of course) You can also "test" with a file to see what colour gives the best properties for a blade

If you actually do all this you should have the correct quenching temp, quenching medium and tempering temp for that piece of steel---why bladesmiths like to get a LOT of the same steel to play with so they don't have top be testing the steel for every single blade they forge.

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