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  1. the tool on the far left looks like a top swage, the one on the far right looks like a angled hot cut and the piece without a handle looks like a flatter as for the last one it looks to me like a scutch hammer for bricks but not too sure. if i am wrong please correct me
  2. Hi guys and gals i haven't posted hanything for a while, works been getting in the way of play. it's slowed down a bit now so i can get back out to the forge. anyway i had to tell someone my news. It starts like this, my uncle has three vehicles a C4, a Transit van and a ww2 willys jeep yesterday the c4 and trannie decided not too work and he had a doctors appontment so he jumped in the willys and off he went. on his way home another willys overtook him and the driver waved him to pull in so he did thinking something was wrong, it wasn't just a fellow collector wanting to admire and compare. any way they got chatting and it turns out this fella is a blacksmith from 15min down the road, so my uncle mentioned me and that i was an aspiring smith, so this nice chap gave us his number and said i could go down anytime i wanted and he would show me how to do anything i wanted to know, even said i could go down on weekends and help him on jobs if i was up for it, voluntary of course but i don't mind knowledge is payment enough and my better half works weekends anyway. anyway i had to tell someone thanks for listening leigh.
  3. one of my students is missing his left hand, and he has a host of attachments, from a claw hammer to a stanley knife. but the one he uses most is a clamp like contraption, its basicly two bits of 20 mm angle facing each on linkages with a screw tightener like on a set of adjustables. and he is very adapt at using it even with this attachment he can still plaster better than me.
  4. Chicken parmos all the way pal. I'm still basically a beginner myself but any help i can give i will, took a basic smithing course with peat oberon at preston park in middlesbrough and a bladesmthing course with hector cole in swindon. also got some good stuff on disc, books and such, if you drop me your email ill dig them out and send them to you. leigh
  5. alreet pal welcome to IFI from a fellow yorkshireman
  6. Sad news to hear in the new year. in memoria of ferrarius suus anvil est silens tamen suus sapientia etiam orbis. Prayers to his family.
  7. All the best pal hope it wears itself out before it gets tp you.
  8. finished these last weekend for family. this is one for my old man. cant remeber exact oal but its about 7 inches total, handle is beech with 10 coats of danish oil and steel is spring steel. sheath has yet to be stained this is a little tiddler for my girlfriend. oal is about 3 inches. same spring steel as above and the handle is an old paintbrush
  9. could have wore a shirt at least i don't wanna see singed chest hair or other sensitive extremities. still be cool to have one tho, I'm wondering if i make a hamster wheel big enough for, lets say my little sister i might be able to have one of these.
  10. Found this on youtube thought it might interest some here. I really want one.
  11. Found these suppliers of hand and power tools in west sussex, now i think some of this stuff is dirt cheap, Theres a 1 1/2 cwt BROOKS ANVIL and stand going for £250 stirling plus vat heres a link to site http://www.gandmtools.co.uk/index.php Go to catalogue, find workshop equipment and click on blacksmithing and foundry.
  12. Hi there i havent seen any of his videos but there is another fella on youtube called mrironman1979 who has done a complete blade video from forging to polishing, although he does swear alot the videos are good.
  13. Hi there, i just read your entire thread and i have always been a firm believer in helping out when and if required, so in response to the last bit of your thread.(But any helpful advice, articles, websites or anything else would be very helpful) i have some blacksmithing books on on disc ( which i sent to glenn and are being uploaded on to the downloads section) but if you would like if you send me your email i will send all of them other (theres about 10 of them). so just let me know, Leigh Not trying to step on admins toes but if anyone else reads this and wants the books PM me and ill get them to you but please be patient with me.
  14. At this very moment I am trying to convince my better half to go on a day trip with me to get it. Her argument is that I already have two big anvils, why do I need another. And I just told her that if it was a kitten that had been painted and chained to a cement block she would want to go this minute to "rescue" it, (she's a cat lover) it just so happens to be an anvil that needs to be rescued and so it is my duty to do so. Think ill try the promise of going to cheshire zoo to try and sway her judgement. Wish me luck
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