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help with shipping a anvil i want to sell

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I would like to know the correct way to ship a anvil.any price quotes would be great also. i have a SOLDERFORS SWEDEN 100 lbs 1929 dated. it is 22 inch long end to end. the base is 8.5 inch wide. the horn is 8.25 inch long. it is in very nice shape. i want to find this anvil a new home and ship it correctly. any help with info would be great. thank you

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Thread resurrection! 


They gave me a hard time today @ UPS... "oh mY!, that has to be professionally packaged! We can't ship it like that..." $45 + the cost of shipping...   lol..... sure thing ma'aam, I know a guy who's a licensed super-duper-sergeant-major-packager that will do it for free... Be back tomorrow... :D   We'll see if it flys...

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Greyhound will ship up to one hundred and as stated above UPS up to 150lbs. If you make a handle out of rope around the horn and thru the hardy UPS will take it at least they have for me.

I just taped a label on cardboard on the face, they stuck their stickers on that 

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Successfully shipped; My anvil needed to be boxed according to UPS standards... At the very least a double wall thick box (wont work ;)... I went triple wall; 1 single wall box packed tightly with some outside strapping tape placed into> double wall box with exuberant amounts of strapping tape/ packing tape...


Standards with UPS are different everywhere, depending on whom your dealing with apparently... I've heard several times throughout the forum about shipping an anvil with a protective layer over the face and the horn only... In my specific case, this was entirely not the case... 



Thanks Fatfudd,


I felt it was a bit silly making a new thread on the matter, this is the numero 1 pinged thread on google, in regards to shipping and anvil... 

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