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Neede to do some heavy duty grinding last Sunday - first non rain day here in Ottawa in quite a while. Got myself set up all of the safety gear on, ear plugs, gloves, face sheild, work overalls and cotton sweatshirt.
About half way through the grinding I felt my right hip getting a bit warm. In the nano second of my brain's processing it said "oh not to worry, it's just the sprks from the grinder" then it said "wait a minute - the sparks from grinding shouldn't be hot - you better have a look at your hip." So brain turns head to look at right hip then says - "xxxx xxxx - I'm on fire".
Fire quickly patted out with no damage to me but a six inch diameter hole in my "new" work sweatshirt.
Cotton may be best for working near hot stuff but I really need to pay more attention to peripherals. It is certainly not fireproof.


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A number of years ago while working at an iron foundry I was asked to give a plant tour to a Plant Safety class from the local university (Stout in Menomonie, WI). During the tour some of the students noticed that one of my workmates who was pouring iron (at 2400 deg F) had flames climbing up his legs from the cuff of his pants. I yelled "Hey Jeff, you're on fire". Jeff patted out the flames and replied "Thanks, man". Just another day at the foundry. The students got a real life lesson.

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