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I Forge Iron

I think our buddy has met his match

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$12.50 a lb for a Heyhorn. I gotta find me one of those. Shoot I have 2 of them and I know when they were made.
My 88lb with a date should be worth around $1200and its usable make it $1800. For $2200 I will deliver it any where in the states.Come on guys help a brother out. Too late I just laughed myself to death.

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I think the guy is tiring to make his mortgage payment or something. Here in NY over priced stuff stays on Crag's list for months. It seems like the owners give up or eventually lower their prices. Also I notice people with no pictures get no sales even if the deal is good. I think the sound of crickets chirping he hears responding to his add will educate him as to the realistic value of his anvil.

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He is just throwing out bait looking for a fish to hook. Do not fault him as he is not here to defend himself and we have not seen what he is offering in photos. It may be worth the price he is asking until we can determine otherwise.

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