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they really are quite ugly sandblasted, especially the smaller (William Foster) one. I feel sorry for the poor guy who bought that...wait, that was me. I'm fairly certain it's a W.F. Pre 1830's, and I'm guessing quite a bit earlier due to the very very faint "church windows". I don't think I overpaid for such a piece of history, but I'm really upset by the fact that it is sandblasted/sanded. What would you guys date this to? I say it's a W.F. for a couple reasons, stylistically it's spot on, and the markings are identical to a 108 pounder I already have.

how will I go about making this less xxxx looking without compromising the historical integrity anymore? I'm thinking of just painting the sides, and then hand sanding the top and horn...?



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I don`t want to upset anybody here but from the looks of those anvils they saw some heavy rust and hadn`t been treated to well in the past so why worry about putting some abrasives to them and bringing them to whatever state of smooth/shine you prefer.The last owner blasted them and the guys before him let them rust pretty well.these are not museum pieces anymore even if they once were.
Sand the sides,horn and face and put them back to work or lay some heavy solids paint on them if you want to preserve them then set them on a board in the corner.
Either way they`ll probably be around for a long while now that they have come to someone who appreciates them and knows how to care for them.

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Well, got the anvil today. boy oh boy is it ugly, and I don't just mean the sandblasting/sanding. it's totally off kilter, like it warped in the quench, and is a wee bit wobbly, but the face is xxxx flat. the forging itself is pretty rough overall, especially under the horn, but the construction technique is very visible due to the sandblasting...at any rate, I love it. it's little pieces of history like this that make using and collecting these old tools fun. I personally love the fact that the whole body is warped, as I've never seen one quite like it before. the rebound is fantastic, and it has a very pleasant sound to it.

I'm looking forward to doing light forging on it for reenactments but am going to try to avoid heavy work on the horn due to the cracking. I may end up just finishing up the sides as you guys suggested, and put a coat of wax on the top and use it s a study piece so I won't have to risk anything cracking more.

all in all, I'm happy with my purchase.

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