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I Forge Iron

Found some steel by the tracks.

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Hello all,

After reading some threads, I am thinking this is my type of community. I am a beginner looking to become better at forging knives. I have aquired the basics. a single burner gas forge made from a helium tank that gets almost white hot. a 55# ASO from HF. 3# cross pein hammer. 2 lb hammer. some homemade rebar tongs and lots of interest.

while Scavenging for spikes I found this thing buried with just an inch showing. I am not sure what it was, but I know what I would like it be!

My questions are:

1. What the heck was it?

2. should I cut the ends off stand it on one end in a bucket of sand to dampen the ring this thing makes?(it weighs 66Lbs without the other part attached, 86 with)

3. how could I use the other part?




Any advise or info even if not related to the questions is very much appreciated!

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It isn't limited to the area next to the tracks. Being anywhere within the RR right of way without permission could cause you problems. You might try contacting the local RR office and see if you can clear it with them ahead of time. They might even have scrap yards/piles they would share with you. Be careful out there.


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Setting aside the moral/legal questions for a moment...

Who cares what it was? It's steel, and stood on end in a bucket of concrete, with the upper end cut off flat, it'd make at least a passable bladesmithing anvil.

No idea what to do with the other part. Throw it in the scrap pile and wait for the day you can use it.

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I am guessing that this would be an upgrade to the HF anvil. right?

Thank you for the concrete idea! besides helping to hold the steel in place,does this also add to the mass of the anvil?

Will the concrete dampen the noise made? or should there be layers of material to help dampen the noise?

Should the face be hardened? If so how should I Go about doing that?

Thanks for the help so far!

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I agree to the thinking of it being part of the switching rail.

Walking on or in the 'right-of-way' of any railroad tracks is now considered a TERROIST THREAT. Thank you "HomeLand Security". (You can check this out for yourself with your local rail system. Most around here will help you legally get old rails, spikes, etc. if you contact them and ask.)Results of being caught will surely mess up your whole day....

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