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I just got a few bags of l-brand coke to try out, so i fired up the forge today since i had the day off due to rain. It's been a few weeks since i have been able to actually hammer some stuff, man it felt good! I feel so much better, seems like the stress from work and such just melted away. I made a horsehead bottle opener Brian Brazeals concept, and a damascus money clip.
The money clip was fun in that i started with a chunk off a billet i had been working on, the chunk i chiseled off was the size of a silver dollar, but a bit thicker. I hammered it out into a rectangle and fullered it into a strip, folded it over a piece of round stock, and etched it in muriatic, then ferric chloride. Thanks for looking.
Brianpost-9924-092421600 1287619535_thumb.jpg

post-9924-092506600 1287619209_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Curly! I made the damascus out of 15n20 and 1090. Started with 9 pieces, folded twice, and cut a small piece off the end of the billet. The billet is for some damascus tattoo machine plates i am doing for Eddy Deutsche, hes a friend of mine. I plan on folding it up a few more times and flattening it into plate for the machines.

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Clinton, yeah usually we Ironworkers leave at the first sign of rain, but i am more tolerant than most! I will work till i get wet and miserable, then go home.
I used a piece of 3/4 square i believe. I just picked up a new hammer at pieh tool when i was in sedona arizona over the weekend. It is a blu rounding hammer, i believe they are the same design as the Hofi/ Tom Clark rounding hammer, just like the hammers you and Brian Brazeal have. I picked it up and it just seemed the perfect weight for me right now since i haven't been getting much forge time in. I really like my Hofi hammer, but it just feels a bit heavy since i haven't been forging as much.
If you ever get up to camp verde arizona and want to see a cool farrier and blacksmith supply check out pieh tool, they have a huge selection of stuff. It was cool to see so much blacksmithing equipment in one place! I Got some l-brand coke too, and it is good stuff.

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Ya I know you are not the "typical ironworker" if there is such a thing. I saw the Blu hammers in Memphis they look nice but I am not too fond of the way that they do the handles filled up with goo, I like a solid handle that I can see and make adjustments if it gets loose, that stuff scares me.
3/4 square for a bottle opener- you must have been moving some metal there!
I am getting my shop in order today, Fewood is gonna stop by and we are planning to do some forging

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