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I Forge Iron

forge material?


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Here's a picture of mine that might spark an idea for you. Since propane tanks are a dime a dozen now since the valve type changed here in the states, (or, like me you had a few laying around anyways). I unscrewed the valve and screwed in a 3/4" nipple, (I'm using compressed air) , but the next one I try, I may cut a 2" hole and use a blower--high velocity / low psi air.

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I'd put the channel in my stock section for later use. The disk rotor might be okay but the truck drum is just too big, especially if you're just starting out.

check out Glenn's 55 forge, it's based on a 55gl drum and doesn't take much for tools to make and works quite well.

A forge can be as simple as a hole in the ground, be careful to dig to mineral soil if you go this route. You can use a wooden table with a few inches of clayish soil compacted on it. The blast doesn't have to come up from the bottom (called a bottom blast) but can come from the side (side blast) and works much better with a wooden forge frame because it lets the dirt, clay, adobe, whatever protect the wood without a break.

With a little imagination you can make a bellows from a cardboard box and a little tape. Then a piece of pipe to the forge table and you're ready to go.

Using the air hose for the blast will work but tends to have too little volume (cfm) at too high a pressure=velocity for a really good forge fire. I've used 12v Coleman InflatAlls with great results, they're intended to inflate air matresses, rubber rafts, etc. and don't develop much pressure fut do put out good volume. Most any sporting goods store will have some version to take a look at so you can keep your eyes open at Yard/garage/? sales.

You ARE, I'm sure, aware scrounging, salvaging and improvisation are near musts for a blacksmith. If you can drive by a piece of iron or steel on the roadside without stopping to at least check it out you've got a ways to go to get out of the newcomer box. ;)

Frosty the Lucky.

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Here is what I put together from a propane bottle ( SAFETY FIRST ). I used adobe.


I like that, that's kind of what I plan to do next, and use a vaccume motor / hair dryer, / small blower--- something that uses less electricity than the air compressor.
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