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    im a highschool student that's obsessed with Vikings,Swords and knives
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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitesmith
  2. This may come as a surprise but Leaf steel is pretty Hard and durable when it's the way it's supposed to be, but when you put an edge on it, it will not be a very good edge. one thing i learned from stock removal leaf springs is that smaller knifes are terrible if not heat treated but bigger blades that don't need to be razor sharp are OK if you don't heat treat it. but i would recommend heat treating, it's a lot of fun too see the difference between a heat treated knife and non heat treated.
  3. mrkiddi

    -demo at Althing

    where is this? not in iceland is it?
  4. wish i could do 1/100 as well as you do great work
  5. get some decent steel, car springs are very good and old files. second is the steel pipe protected against the fire? fire brick or fireproof wool? because it will start to rust or even melt if you don't protect it. other than that it seems pretty good. enjoy your new addiction :D
  6. i'll be asking my gods to give you two strength to get through this :)
  7. none what so ever...except for some horses and mice...it's good to live on such a cold island...no dangerous bugs at all :D
  8. mrkiddi

    my shop 2

    you are torturing me! it's so perfect!
  9. mrkiddi

    My shop

    much envy from me...i only have a shipping container with a leaking roof...haven´t really had time to fix it:/
  10. an update! Sorry for the bad image quality...i took them on my phone :lol:
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