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From the Salt Fork PDF

SCABA new floor cone…..
As this newsletter is being printed, Gerald Franklin is making arrangements to travel to the foundry to pick up our first order of floor cones. We took two to the ABANA conference and everyone that saw them thought that they were a good size at a reasonable price. We have Jim Carothers to thank for all the effort in making this happen. He has worked for the past two years to get the leg work done. There have been others that have kept the idea alive and helped Jim in his efforts to see this project completed.
The floor cones will be located around the state to help reduce the need of shipping for as many members as possible. The cones will cost $200.00 each. There is no discount for members as the board has held the cost to the lowest possible amount.
The height of the cone is 36 inch with a taper from 1-1/4 inch at the top and increasing to 10 inches at the base. It has a 12 inch diameter flange around the bottom. It has a tong grove down both sides.

I spoke with Gerald Franklin, president of Salt Fork and he is checking on how many cones are on hand. They want to have inventory for the Salt Fork Conference October 16, 17 so folks can pick up the cones there and save shipping costs. This may mean that they need to make another pour before the conference.

The cones are not on the Salt Fork Web site so you will need to contact Gerald at blackbullforge@yahoo.com if your interested in a Salt Fork Cone. This will help them get a better idea of how many cones are needed. Be sure and tell him your heard about it on IForgeIron.
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