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Today I attempted to make a knife from steel other than mild HD flat bar. I used an old lathe tool to make this blade. I hardened it and then...this happened. Before tempering it(big mistake) i tried to make a copper handguard for my knife. anyone ever hear of copper breaking steel. now you have. I did it. I know before everyone yells at me for not tempering it. My ADD got the better of me and I got on a side track and tried to do something else first. Now I need to decide should i try to forgeweld it back together, or throw it to the scrap pile. as i have never welded before i will probably scrap it for now and learn to weld later.

post-13874-014148400 1275964110_thumb.jp

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It was a wood lathe chisel a half round profile 1-1 1/2 inch wide. similar to the third from the left in the picture.

I was really looking for a longer blade than that, but by the time I get around to messing with this blade again, I probably will forge a tang with what is left.

it's still agrivating though. This blade was almost finished, I wasn't going to polish it. I was just going to mount it to the oak handle with some epoxy for a hidden tang with a copper guard and leave it black.

post-13874-051852700 1275970080_thumb.jp

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