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A new toy for your power hammer....

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Weird looking manip, I normally check Ebay for this sort of thing, but I somehow missed this, bit over my price range at the moment, especially when I would have to ship it to Aus.
Thanks for posting it though.


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I just used my hydraulic push around lift (1000# cap.) to do some forging, but I'm concerned under heavy use the chains that hold the platform may give way, I guess they can always be replaced if they do. A modification to remove the chains and use the ram directly to the platform is probable the best route.

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For the folks like Mike,Larry,Grant and the rest with BIG hammers,I can see them just being frustrated by having to drive something like this around and be limited by it.
What the BHGs(Big Hammer Guys)need is an exo-skeleton!Like what Ripley used on the Alien in the movie of the same name.
Now THAT`S the ultimate tongs! :)

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