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I made this hoe to donate to a local community garden. It will be sold to raise money for seeds, and other supplies. I sort of just made up the design as I went along, and was limited a bit by the available steel. The handle is a seasoned hardwood sapling draw-knifed to shape, with a scraper finish.



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Really well done NR, I'm sure that group was thrilled to have it donated!

Phil, the photos on that link were just outstanding - thanks for sharing!!

Thank Gazilla, I just googled what he posted and fixed the link. They are outstanding photos!
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That's a darned nice piece of work NR, it'll be a big hit as a fund raiser for sure.

I married a gal from Ironwood in the UP, anywhere close to your neighborhood?

Thanks for the other link and patch, it's full of ideas I can try out. I like new ideas or even better pics of how it's done elsewhere. Good stuff!

Frosty the Lucky.

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Thanks for the link Phil.

Bent, apparently it's a type of hoe used in vineyards, to work around the vine. Bernard Solon is (one of?) the last blacksmith(s) specialized in making edged tools (taillendier in French), so he embodies the knowledge and skill accumulated through generations past, which will disappear with him one day. I'm very fond of this type of work/work ethic etc, so I wanted to share this.

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