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Dan Boone Dragons

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Dan demonstrated for us last weekend...talk about some beautiful stuff.

The dragon with the anvil in his mouth is what he donated to our June silent auction!

I have over 100 photos in our gallery on the guild site of the steps and chisels...






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Thanks for sharing Peyton! I love the wrench dragon and would happily bid on the anvil in mouth dragon. I'll be checking the whole photo record out on your site after dinner. Do you mind if I save a series so I can maybe adopt and adapt the technique? No worries about me publishing them without asking you first but I'll probably show some of the guys here.

Again, thanks for the brain teaser!

Frosty the Lucky.

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Yep, that's Dan Boone. Thanks Peyton for the post. Dan is a very good smith and so is his son, Mike. I think he may even have other son's that are blacksmiths, but I've only met Dan and Mike. I understand that he is a decendant of Daniel Boone and that there are about 15 generations of blacksmiths in that family.

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Frosty: That's cool with me.

Dan is a descendant of Daniel Boone. They have a book out about the family. SOme of his family members are the ones who did a lot of the work for the Biltmore Estate, and also Colonial Williamsburg...

Dan has two sons. Both are blacksmiths. Mike "Smyth" Boone, and Tom. Tome is still living close to home, and Mike is out in Colorado I believe. A couple of years back all three did a demo together. It was really great!

Dan is one of the demonstrators at the ABANA Conference in Memphis this year. He will also do a lecture on getting into the craft shows and making money at it. Dan is a great guy, very humble, and just wonderful to watch work.


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I dug up some website for Mike and Tom if anyone is interested...

Mike "Smyth" Boone http://www.booneshooks.com/boone.html

Tom Boone http://www.boonesforge.com/

All of the Boones are really talented! And I have enjoyed learning for all three of them at one time or another!

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