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freshly made tongs


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For a very first try (?) Those aren't too bad at all. If they work then they don't have to be pretty, make the next pair prettier, and the pair after that and so on. I'd suggest you go for a slightly thicker material to make the jaws of the tongs, then draw down the reins. I know it's a lot more hammering but then again it's all practice right? Failing that just make the bit and weld the reins on after with an arc welder or forge weld. Look at the BP section as well, a few good examples of how to make tongs. If you can't find them on here then try over the road at Anvilfire. Keep at it :D

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Good effort! And that, boys and girls, is why I've sold more than 100,000 pair of tongs.

Grant -

Where do you sell your stuff? Do you have a website? You on eBay? I saw on another thread that you make touchmarks - I'd be curious to know how much that costs (plus I want to see what else you sell).
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I recommend against forge welding reins onto tongs until you can reliably drop-the-tongs forge weld.

Nice job. Better than my first and second pair.

I bought my Off Center Products tongs from http://blacksmithdepot.com and consider them a rather high, but reasonable, bar to attain.


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I got a total of nine pairs of assorted ocp tongs for christmas! The best thing to happen to my blacksmithing since meeting Brian Brazeal! Excellent tongs. I am a firm believer that good tongs will improve your blacksmithing.

Good tongs won't necessarily improve your blacksmithing, they will assist YOU to improve your blacksmithing.

They will give added confidence probably, but its down to the person to improve themselves by practicing and improving their skill range, tools on their own are relatively inanimate and don't pass on the knowledge they hold as to how/where to use them
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