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  1. I just ordered a Lotos CT500D 3 in 1 (tig, arc, plasma). Has any one used one or owned one? I will be using it for automotive mostly. Any insights or info would be helpful. All the reveiws I read says they are good, But I would like some sound advice.
  2. I know its not forging, but it took a lot of welding and burning. I am buliding a 1941 dodge 1 ton and putting it on a 1977 power wagon frame with chevy 1 1/2 axles with dana 60's both front and back and 4:11 gears. It will be powered by a 460 with a C-4 tranny and NP 205, will post more pics, I already have the cab and front clip in place. Oh the flatbed is made out of 4x2 and 4x1 square tubing.
  3. I am sure the power hammer and a striker are the way to go, but sometimes some sweat and blood, and good old determination is the way to go.
  4. I guess I am just not seeing it, but where did all those awesome blue prints go??
  5. Thanks guys, I already have my hands on some RR track, and I just have to get back to ND to get my grandfather's Anvil. Thanks again for all the support. Can't wait to get back in and start it up again..
  6. Well I wanted to make "V" tongs, but my forge got the better of me and melted one of them so they became pliers HA HA!! Its not to bad for the first time I guess.
  7. Well this is the first time I used my forge. I made this "fire poker", any tips will be greatly appreciated. The fire got the metal to a bright white, I was useing char-coal. And please dont laugh at my little anvil, thats what I had laying around the shop. I will make a better one and/or improve this one (there was just a little wobble HA HA).
  8. I would just get some epoxy, its fairly cheap and seals pretty much anything. One we use offshore is called splash zone, its a two part epoxy. It works great and is cheap. Or just get some bed liner from your local auto store.
  9. I use a good old corn cob pipe with some ennins in it, and also dip the good old cope..
  10. I use a quarter turn ball vavle with a on off switch, easy to reg. and cheap..
  11. Its alright with me, now I have some more tips to try when I get home, I like the idea of a shallow fire..
  12. Well they won't let me go home to build one so I built it out here. It is made out 1/4" flat plate and 1/4" 2" X 2" angle iron, the pipe is 1 1/2" ID, it stands 3' 4" tall. The Top is 1' 3" X 1' 4", and the bottom of the pan is 1' X 1'. The pan is 4" deep. I know it needs a little touching up, but it will have to wait till I get home, so I can sand blast it. And I need to re-weld the seams with my mig welder. I will try it out tomorrow. All I have on the boat is the charcoal (kingsford). If there are any improvements I would love to hear them, this is my first one.
  13. I don't have any blowers yet, but would graphite (the kind in the rattle can) work??
  14. Thanks if I am on land I will be there, can I bring my wife and 3 month old daughter. I don't get to see them much. I think my wife would like it as well..

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