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I Forge Iron

My mosaic Damask steel from Russia


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Hello, I the artist - the smith from Sankt - Petersburg. I create various drawings of a mosaic Damask steel. I participate in various conferences and seminars in the different countries of the world. It would be interesting to communicate with adherents at this forum.








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Thanks you, friends, for so warm reception, (that is especially important for the guy from cold Russian winter). The right you exaggerate value of my patterns. I know many people who can do similar things, and also many people who do better. The best teacher for each of us is persistence, persistence on work, ability to feel beauty of world around, its infinite variety.

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Hello Demid, Welcome to the site!

I like you steel, If I did not have to work for a living I would spend all my time making mosaic patterns, they are such fun.

Look forward to seeing more of your work, do you have photos of some blades you have made? (I always think the steel looks better in this context!)

That is a 'brave' sized billet to weld up for a public demonstration! I would worry about getting the whole thing hot when its that size in someone elses forge !!!

What did you think of the 25kg anyang hammer? (it looks Like one of Mr Angele's in that colour :P )

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hi demid wow!! i cannot even do consistent forge welds either so am staggered by your skill - the patterns are incredible - thanks for all the photos - ive never seen anything like them - will look out for your posts!! :)

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