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Old Rusty Forge

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Hey folks I have located an old rusty forge and was wandering if it might be worth refurbishing. It looks to be home made, what I took to be a firepot looks like a piece of 4 to 6 inch pipe ,it has a blower attatched that has a pulley on it like it had an elect motor to run it. There is some spots rusted out,and still has some cement in the bottom, but all moveable components are rusted up and wiil not move. what do ou all think?

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Have some similar questions about a Buffalo forge and blower. The only info I could find was an old unreadable ebay ad that calls it an agricultural forge. Here are the questions:

I haven't started cleaning it yet, but assuming the forge is cast iron will I be able to bandage the broken pan together with flux core wire? That is all I have available. The plan was to nut and bolt it back together with angle iron, weld the pan, and line it. More than likely it will be left outside hopefully covered and used maybe a few times a month.
I'm not able to soak the blower in diesel where i'm located, what would be the next best thing? Can I use vinegar in a plastic tub with similar results? It does turn back and forth, but it rubs the cover and there's a bunch of crap in there.
It's hard to tell, but any ideas on what the tools were for?

Any help is appreciated...




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Dave,I`d just try bolting or riveting the pieces of the forge together if I was planning on lining it.Welding cast is tricky and near impossible w/flux core.
To clean parts I`ve used both white vinegar and pool type acid in plastic tubs or buckets to good effect.If you decide to use acid then get long gloves(acid proof) and wear a faceshield.You WILL drop something and splash,DAMHIKT.
The parts will come out of the vinegar or acid black,brush/rinse the black off and then dry and IMMEDIATELY spray with oil, WD40,etc or it will be rusty again in the morning.
I`ve had good luck freeing up hopelessly rusted assemblies and nuts and bolts with the vinegar.It is not as aggressive and takes longer than acid but it`s safer too.
You can always Google electrolosis if you`re in a hurry and have a battery charger around.

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