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Aspery Style Chisels & Punches

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I decided the other day that I needed to make me some good functional chisels designed for blacksmithing. I've been using a hodgepodge mixture of flea market and quickie forged punches and chisels to varying degrees of success. I looked thru some of the books I have and decided to try the ones in Mark Aspery's first book.
I followed the book and have made 9 so far. The hardest for me so far has been the Cape Chisel. I got them heat treated and tempered tonight. I still have the slot punch, round drift and the wizard eye socket punch to go.
Tomorrow evening I will try out the slitting chisel and see how it does.







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I made a set in one of his classes, and I'm proud to say that I have used the cutting chisel enough to require reworking it, it now sits on my gas forge, awaiting a round of heat treating, I have also showed many of my buds the process of making them. The 3 in 1 chisel still blows me away in it's simplicity, and the right angle chisels, (his 2nd book) are the cats meow for branch work, to be honest, the chisels are better than this practitioners ability to make things with them, but someday I'll get there!! And this does thread has not even gotten into his leaf making tools!! Can't wait till next June, to take his joinery course!!

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