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Peter Wright Anvil

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Hi everyone.
I'm new at this site. I have a Peter Wright Anvil that I would like to know a little more about. I have had it several years , about 15 I suppose. It has the numbers (spread out across the side under "PETER WRIGHT PATENT") 2 2 17. I understand that this is the weight is British stones. Can anyone tell me the weight.

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There are 112 lbs in a hundred weight (cwt)
The first numeric depicts the quantity of hundred weights, the second the number of quarter hundred weights and the third represents the number of pounds.
2x1 cwt............224lbs +
2x quarter cwt.....56lbs +
Total it up theres your weight.

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Bigger anvils were often for "professional" or industrial shops and so were seen as tools to be modified to help do the job. I've seen several with odd machining to hold specialized jigs. Not a new thing as we all know of the various designs like a chainmaker's anvil, or coachbuilder's anvil which is the same sort of thing but done in the "factory" producing the anvils.

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When I get a camera I'll do an anvil stack: Bridge anvil, 515 Fisher, 410 Trenton, 165 PW, 134 HB, 93 A&H and my medieval stake anvil.

Shoot may twist a friend to get a picture when I re-arrange the shop after the new addition is done.

Another vote for wanting to see pics of your anvils also...

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