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First pattern steel knife completed


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Ewww! Yuck! Snakeskin! You just take that horrible knife and sheath and ship it right to me and I will rid you of the horror of having to let the monster see the light of day!! How can you sleep knowing it is in the same house as you? Let me relieve you of the burden of insomnia. OK, there are no criticisms. Comments:NICE!!! What more can I say?:)

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The blade is 4 1/2 " long 42 layers 1084 and 15N20. The handle is spalted maple and blackwood with a stainless bolster. The sheath has a snake skin inlay

Your criticism and comments are welcome

My comments? NICE!

My criticism? You knew it was NICE before you posted the photos and are just fishing for compliments:p By the way all the compliments are richly deserved. Good job, first one or not. Congratulations.

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