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I Forge Iron

Looking to buy my first anvil.

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Well I've been looking for a few weeks now around different pawn shops and antique stores for an anvil to purchase without success. I'm looking online now, mainly through ebay, and found one that seems decent, but really what do I know. (pics attached at the bottom)

Hope some of you experts here can take a look and tell me what it's worth or if it's even worth buying, aswell as any other tips.

Second question, what size/weight should I be looking for to forge things like knives/swords?

Anything other advice for a beginner would be greatly appreciated, thanks!





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it will help if click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location that way there may be some one in your area that may have one or give some good ideas were one maybe as for ebay most go for way to much money in my opion then again i'm cheap and think that 150 is to much for an anvil unless its biggggg as for what you pictured there there nice anvils had used one this past sat at a demo and it was nice and quiet i have found a few on craigslist for less then 125 bucks bought both of them and ebay is world wide so shipping my cost alot and with ebay every triples in the last 5min
just checked it out on ebay it says it 70 pounds for $299 thats more that $4 a pound plus $85 shipping not that anvils sell per pound but the ones i bought are in the 150-170 range i paid $100 for a 140 pound peter wright and $125 for 170 pound fisher

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Fisher is a good brand. I have one that is 260# - made in 1907.

Look for the thread True Prices of Anvils here on the forum.

I generally have paid around $1 a pound for the anvils I have.

As to size. Small knives small anvil, big swords big anvil. I would get the biggest you can afford. My anvils are 125#, 150#, 170#, 260#, 306# It has to be able to take the hammer blows, and not bounce around.

You don't NEED an anvil, just a good hunk of steel with the right shape, and hardness. A lot of the guys here have anvils that they have made, scrounged, etc.

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Welcome aboard Relic, glad to have you.

Fisher is a good anvil and quiet so it's perfect if you have close neighbors. LA isn't known for having a lot of reasonably priced anvils around but they're there. Check flea markets, farm and ranch sales / auctions tell EVERYBODY you meet what you're looking for and why. I do mean EVERYBODY too, your Mom, Dad and little sister, the organist at church and the cop that gives you a ticket.

The thing is places like pawn shops antique shops and eBay are really expensive generally, they all want to make a buck. You want to cut these folk out of the loop if you can and you never, NEVER know who knows someone with an anvil, post vise, etc. in their garage. That's how I got my 125 Soderfors, I told one of the guys at work and he had a neighbor who had a friend selling out his tools.

Last but FAR from least, join the CBA, attend some meetings and tell THEM. They're blacksmiths and if anyone knows they do.

Best of luck.


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