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Moving back to Alaska

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Hey Seldon!

I hope the move is for good reasons rather than bad ones. I'll be looking forward to getting together. Our next meeting is Oct. 31 at Pat Garley's place, hope you can make it.

Welcome aboard T-mack, glad to have ya.

I'm just the other side of Wasilla on the Parks Hwy. GPS coords 61* 33' 06.89" N by 149* 36' 08.01".

I'll PM you with contact info and such next.

Anyway, Oh HECK yes there are metal heads in the area, a number of pros, quite a few hobbyists like myself and a whole bunch of guys wanting to get started.

We have been doing basic skills demos tied to making tools for the smithing shop at meetings. Last meeting was an exception, we made a window grill for display and potential sale. Several of us made elements in advance and some there. It was a good meeting.

There are always a couple anvils and tools set up so anyone who wants to take a shot at the demo (or other reasonably quick) project can. Pat has a 50# LG power hammer that runs fast, hits hard and works quite well.

Hope to meet you soon.


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Hey Seldon,

I just moved here myself. I'm in the Fairbanks area though. I'm also one of the hobbyist/beginners Frosty was talking about. Did have a chance to meet him when I flew in to Anchorage. Unfortunately didn't have enough time to hit any iron though. Still planning to do that soon. Got my anvil jones going. Starting to shake. Huh? What were we talking about? Oh ya, hope to get together with some smiths in the Fairbanks/North Pole area too. :D

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Okay, just hold on a second there! You're making me dizzy! ;)

Cliff, just let me know where you're headed I'll let you know how close you'll come. If you're in the area around the 26-27th of June we're having a metal head Shindig at our place. There'll be folk from all over the lower 48 and at least two from down under here for the do. There'll also be an iron pour just a couple miles from here.


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