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  1. Chain Saw: Normally found in a woodland setting, although occasionally found in a more urban or shop like area, this tool was developed for the quick removal of wood and flesh, especially of the lower limbs. Spud Bar: Used for the maipulation of stubborn materials, and the securing of implanted posts, the source of many an impromptu dance and swearing session. Claw Hammer: Useful in the removal of nails and other such materials, although when used improperly they begin to show a true calling of smashing noses as they slip off of nails.
  2. To light my coal I use a bit of charcoal. I make a little pile of charcoal over the air source, soak it in some starting fluid, let it soak in good for a few minutes, then light it. I let the charcoal burn for a few minutes until I can see some embers forming, then I put on a little air. I start adding small bits of coal, usually what is left over from my last forging session, around the outside of the charcoal making a sort of volcano which cuts down on smoke and such, once I have a volcano built I add more air, pretty soon it is roaring. My friend does about the same thing except he uses bits of pine woods and soaks it in diesel. I think part of your problem is putting the lighting source, the wood, sandwiched in coal. You want it right next to you air source so it can get real hot and light the coal. Try putting your wood in first, let it burn some, give it light air, add your coal, then give it a good bit of air. Should work! In a whole day of forging I will go through about a 5 gallon bucket of coal, and I use a good bit of air. I have used a hairdryer as my air source before, and for me it just wasn't enough air at all took forever to light and couldn't heat anything up fast enough. It created a really small hot spot that was difficult to find and if my stock wasn't right in the hot spot it wouldn't heat up. I normally use a small shop vac on reverse as my blower. I am not certain how to form a bee hive, but I think it involves starting some dry coal, then adding a sort of paste made from fine coal and water on the outside and it makes a sort of shell then you can scoop some of the coal from the middle of the pile. Don't take my word for it though! Well that's about all the info I have, good luck!
  3. Mr. Hofi I hope one day that I can have half the skill at working metal that you possess, your work is amazing!
  4. Thanks for all the great tips guys! I like the sound of the clothes dryer blower, I want whisper quite! I know where a clothes dryer is to, just gotta take the clothes out ofi t and get to work!! HAHA! XD Mom would kill me! Francis Cole I looked on Daytona's website it looked like they had some good blowers, there was a 15volt blower actually might have been 12volt I don't remember, but that sounded kind of small would it work for a forge?
  5. I'm working on stuff for a festival I will be demoing at this weekend. : ) First one ever! I got some knives, key chains, nails, necklaces, letter openers, hooks, and various other things. Gotta finish up a bird feeder hanger tomorrow. Oh and bigjohn I will help you with that ark! Has been raining here almost constantly for the past week or more, been having a devil of a time getting anything done because every time I get a good fire going a front moves in and puts it out....sigh....I need a roof!
  6. Heyo everyone, Tis I Drako : ) Well I am tired of using the little shop vac I have for a blower, I need a good, QUIET, electric blower that I can easily attach and run. Any suggestions? This shop vac is just killing me, and I am having trouble getting my hand crank blowers going. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  7. Nope your not T-mack, Frosty lives in Alaska to he is really good with metal and such as well, or so I've heard.... XD
  8. Looks like fun man! I am doing my first demo the 24,25, and 26 of this month. I hope mine goes as well as yours!
  9. Welcome aboard cloud!! To answer your question quick and to the point YES! Yes you can learn by yourself, this forum is a great tool for that. As long as you have a forge of any type, a hammer, metal, and something to beat on you can learn all kinds of things! I'm 17 and I've built two forges, and been teaching myself to smith for some time now! It is a wonderful hobby and I love it to death! After you get into the hobby some and really decide it is what you want to do you can start spending some money for more tools and to travel to classes if it is what you want. If you do some searching you may find someone around you who has been blacksmithing for awhile and is willing to teach you some tricks of the trade. : ) I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors and if you have any questions feel free to PM me or ask any questions!
  10. Hey everyone! I am heading down to the Alabama Forge Council Blacksmithing Conference in Tanndeehill, AL tomorrow. Gonna stay Friday and Saturday. Hoping to take the Green Coal class and buy some new tools. So I was wondering if anyone here is gonna go to or maybe is already there? If so I would love to meet up, maybe shoot the bull a little while. : ) Oh also I was thinking about taking my Buffaco handcrank forge blower (pictured below) and selling it, to use the money to buy some new tools. How much do you think it is worth, it is in working condition, and do you think this is a wise decision? Should I hold on to this?
  11. Hello hello hello everyone, Well I went and got myself an apprenticeship of sorts. (Of sorts being that it was never officially stated to be an apprenticeship, but that is basically what it is.) Met a local blacksmith who lives close to me named Lester Beckman, don't know if anyone knows him here or not. Went out to his shop yesterday and worked with him half the day, LOVED IT! Things were so much easier with all the right tools and such. Anyways, he agreed to teach me things, and I am going to help him out whenever he needs it. : )
  12. I just found the archive the other day after hearing about it over and over again, and searching relentlessly....Who knew to look on the BOTTOM on the page? I use the archive all the time now, and love it! I think that if the archive was put in a more obvious spot people would use it more....
  13. I think a tattoo of the Vulcan Arm & Hammer would be cool.
  14. Thanks for the help everyone! Son of Bluegrass, when you say "Thumb on top" when you use the carpenter's grip do you mean it is sitting along the spine of the hammer handle? Because everything I have read says not to do that, yet I feel I have more control like that although I try not to use it because as I said everything I have read said not to do it.
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