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Can anyone ID this avil for me?

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I bought it for less than 1 dollar per pound. I was told that it is either a Trenton or maybe a HB or just something else all together. It weighs 175 lbs on a bathroom scale, overall length is 27 1/4", the horn is 8 1/2" long and about 13 1/2" round at the thickest point by shelf. It has an unusual size hardy @ 1 1/8" with a 5/8" pritchell. Underneath the base is somewhat convex. It is definetly a cast base by looking at the excess around the trim of the base. Has a narrow waist as you can see and a thin heel. The hardy appears to be punched through by the bulge underneath it. I can hardly read any of the letters on its side.(Possible R or maybe B N O or maybe C O or maybe C) Again I tried chalk, powder, pencil rubbing on paper and nothing worked to make the letters presentable. Don't know if the hole through the base is original or not. It has a #25 on heel w/horn facing left and a #6 underneath horn. I read somewhere that the #6 maybe an inspector's number (usually ranges from 0-9) and the #25 maybe a specific run of steel from the supplier. It has a nice ring and at least 50% rebound. It also has a slight sway back at sweet spot.





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Was the hole near the feet drilled in later do you think? My HB doesn't have that. What would the purpose be for something like that? Mine also doesn't have the number stamped on the heel but other than that, they look the same.

:D:DNot sure if the hole is was added later or not,don't think someone drilled it after it was made......BUT....thats just me.Maybe it was for bending small things or for a lower step tool..?????Thanks fer reply.
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What does the *bottom* look like? HB's have a slight rim that follows the edge---on old ones this can be worn nearly flat. It's very indicative of an HB if there is signs of this "hourglass" rim.

I believe mine has what ur talking bout.Underneath has flat area or rim that follows all the way around.Thanks fer repy.
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