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Metal working life style


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Hello to everyone here at IforgeIron ,this is my first post and I am really excited having found this site. My Dad started me welding at age 7 and metal working is just a rush for me. Started to learn blacksmithing in 1981 and have been learning ever since, it will be great talking to everyone. camphor:

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Welcome to I Forge Iron Camphor!
It sounds to me like that it would only be a natural event that you would become a member of this great site.
My eyes will be open to learn from you. So what ever your willing to share, I will be taking notes!
You are a very lucky man to have had a dad that is willing to teach you at such an early age. It was my father who also
generated the interest in me to work with steel.
Ted Throckmorton

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Welcome to Iforgeiron!
If you haven't already noticed, this is a large site with massive amounts of metalworking information.
Iforgeiron is also a great community with lots of friendly folks.....all willing to help.
If you have questions, just ask.

By the way, please use the 'user CP' at the top of the page to post your general location. ( It's always handy to know who your neighbors are).


OH yeah.....one more thing.......ENJOY!

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