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Success Makes Me Feel Good : )

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Hey everyone!

I haven't posted in a long while, but I wanted to tell everyone about a success I had this weekend. My church was having a fundraiser for the children in Puerto Rico for when we go on our mission trip down their.

I offered to bring my forge down and make knives to sell. I sold all that I could make and made a good deal of money for them. Everyone was really interested and thought it was awesome what I was doing. I got a whole bunch of friends interested in the hobby....errrr....addiction now, oops..... :D Now I have to help them make forges and teach them some stuff, because my forge is to crowded!!

Anyways it was just awesome to see people so interested in what I was doing and to actually sell something I had made, my blades are getting better and better I will have to post some pics soon. Really I need to post pics of my whole setup....almost got my second forge done, and got a little shop area setup.

Oh I also met a couple people who had some tools they wanted to give me, someone who had an old crank forge they would give me, and got invited to an event to forge and sell stuff there. Woo hoo! Got praise, new toys, and a business opportunity in one day it was awesome!

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I'll bet you feel good! Sounds like you hit a bunch of home runs all in one day. nothing but NOTHING beats helping people and being able to help multiples all at once is super. Making a few bucks for yourself is icing on the cake.

Well done.


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