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I Forge Iron

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that sounds very fast to me - but i have tiny experience with power hammer work - how many leaves are in the forge at once ? id like to see pic of forge too.. the leaves look fantastic :) they look soft

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Hi Uri, always a pleasure to see your work ;)
Did you use pliers to 'push and pull' (don't know the rigth term, I'm French) the sides of the leaves or is it done by hammering only ?
I'd also love to see a picture of your new forge...

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ALL the leaves are forged ONLY with the air hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!
one heat to forge and preper the basic form and the second to forge the leaf.
Some times a leaf is forged in one heat only.
for the forging process one need two type of dies
1 combination dies to preper the basic form
2 crown dies to forge the leaf
between those two one can forge all this type of natural organic forms
I keep all the time 4-5 pieces of steel in the gas forge.
I preper now a set of pics about the gas forge ,the most interesting thing is the burner
IF finish to day I ''ll submit the pics

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very nice looking leaves as all of your work master Hofi.
i am wondering the 1st. tool/die you use "1 combination dies to preper the basic form" is it the standard available from anyang, comi flat and draw dies? or the combi wide flat and slim flat die (I believe it maybe is designed by your self)? and do you have photos of em ? :D


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