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New Air Supply

Tom Lumpkins

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Last time I was home I was trying to forge weld, I tried all day on Saturday, then Sunday I was back at it. never could get the heat right. finally I cranked the old blower hard and noticed the metal disappear into the coals. I finally got a forge weld. after many attempts.. I got to thanking about my situation and remembered that I had used a 1 1/2 pipe for air supply..
Well I have been on the road for the last two weeks and got home yesterday and decided I was going to fix my problem so I called a few friends to see if they had some 3" metal pipe laying around, One friend told me he had a old rear end that would work. so I got it and worked on it part of yesterday and finished today.. I still have to bolt it to the drum, and mount it.. I think my air problem will be fixed.. here's a few picture's.. I ain't much of a welder as you will notice in the pictures.. but I guarantee it won't come apart.. lol

Boy it was hot out there.

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I forgot to give a update,
Well I got the new pipe hooked up and its like the difference between nite and day.. Man that joker gets on up there now... Works realy good...I havn't tried to forge weld with it yet, But I am sure there will be plenty of Air, and a real good chance of welding..LOL...

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