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Footed Bowl Mark II (now with tasty rivets)

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OK, thanks to your suggestions I made a footed bowl and riveted the legs on rather than welding. It took a while, but my riveting skills are improving. I tried pre-making one head of the rivet, but it turned out to be quicker and easier to form them both in place. Err, maybe the words 'quicker' and 'easier' are stretching it a little bit. It was tricky.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



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Using the hand-formed rivets really compliments the organic look of the bowl, the whole thing is pleasing to the eye. You might want to put a slight curve to the legs on the next one to reflect the shape of the bowl. Well done bloke.
And I bet those rivets would be even tastier with a little ketchup and salt.

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Nice one.

I really like the rivets, especially being in copper - nice contrast.

Personally, I would say there is no need to refine the rivets for this particular piece - the hammered look works well with the texture and edge on the bowl.


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