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Thought this might be a neat thread topic. Do you have a shop pet(s)? If so where does it hang out in your shop? I have a shop dog, named SPARKY!!! He use to always lay next to the treadle hammer in old shop now he lays across from my anvil.


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this is Saxen. his bed is under my wood lathe, but I move it across the workshop when I need to turn something. As you can see, he doesn't really mind

he doesn't even stir when I'm forging, grinding, welding, etc. But if a shotgun goes off nearby, he hides in the darkest corner cowering. :(



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My shop dog is an Austrailian Shepard. She likes to be in or near the action at ALL times. If you move to fast, she'll give you a body check:o Nothing phases her. As a pup, she road around on the fender of my Backhoe all day. Like your dog Dave, anything goes until you fire a gun then its "were's Rosy?"

Thanks for the tip Glen- I'm off to look...Mostly I just tell her to move and she'll go outside. Unless its raining:rolleyes:

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Cheers, I like him ;) Saxen likes to help out, but always manages to find the wrong spot to settle or stand (he's 30" to the shoulders, so standing is very much in the way!)

My workshop is built on oak posts set in the ground and everything that I don't want to move (anvil posts, flypress stand, benches, etc) is built from oak and set in the ground. When he was out with me 'helping' he would either curl up on or scatter the poiles of soil as I tried to sink the posts! He's none to bright around sharps but fire is is fine with thankfully.


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