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PPW - fume fever


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PPW burned some zinc off of some galvanize pipe and got a case of metal fume fever. He has the body aches, slight fever, and flu like symptoms associated with it.

Prayers would be appreciated, both for his current condition and to recognize the hazards in order to avoid another dose of fume fever in the future.

More information on Fume feaver is available at:
link has died.

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I frequently burn galvanized off of tubing. I sometimes weld it too. This stuff is nasty. I use a hood and also a fan to blow the air out of the shop too. This isn't to say that Jim didn't do these things. I'm just lucky most of the time. I have had this stuff he has and it ain't no picnic. Be well Jim and get well.

Steve(Ten Hammers) O'Grady

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Ain't no fun at ALL!

It was almost funny last night. Sheri was talking to our daughter (LPN) and her comment was, "I'm on my way!" Like many medical personnell, she doesn't trust anyones diagnosis but her own.

After determing that all my vitals (except temperature {102} and blood pressure {109/59}) were within normal limits and that there was no pneumonia she and her mother made me go to bed. While I was laying there, I suddenly remembered burning off some galvanized pipe, and called out to Avis, "Avis, go on line and check out the symptomology for metal fume fever!"

Shortly she came storming into the bedroom, saying, "You nailed it daddy, what the XXXX have you been doing?!?"

The conversation deteriorated a good bit after that.

She's not afraid to chew daddy out. (wry grin)

She said (among many other things) that what made it worse was that I KNEW better!

I feel a bit better today than I did last night. Should be over it by tomorrow.

But many thanks to all for careing.

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Paw Paw: I added you to my prayer list, I pray for your speedy recovery and your continued enlightenment. Heavy metal poisoning is not pleasant. God speed your recovery my friend.


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PPW for what its worth I cut many a galvanized water tank in two to make hog feeders out of in my day, and have done my share of welding on galvanize. I have never become sick, just a funny taste in my mouth when I light up a cigarette. My Dad and Uncle always made me drink milk before, during and after. I have been led to believe that the poision goes to your stomach not so much your lungs and have been told milk is the antidote for it, and after all the years taking the advice of my Father I believe he knew what he was talking about and that the others were correct in their assumption also.

Best of Luck and Get Well Soon.

You know what they say about us old codgers, Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart.

by the way I am getting over my second bout with pneumonia in a months time and the doc took an xray and couldn't believe that I am a smoker and a welder from the picture. LOL, maybe I am just lucky

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