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Steel Sculpture/Sound Phenomenology

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Thought i'd share some pictures of a sculpture i made for my metal fabrication (which was also an experiment for my Science of Sound class). Its a 7 foot long tunnel made of chicken wire and wrapped in raw clay (which provides excellent insulation and resonance), perched atop steel stands. At one end there is a large bass amplifier hooked up to a synthesizer (which allowed me to control waveform, frequency, and amplitude), and there is also a fog machine which will inject smoke directly into the tunnel in front of the amp. The viewer stands at the opposing end, creating a unique space for them to enter. As the sound is blasted through the smoke, the changes in air pressure create some beautiful patterns in the smoke.








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Everything that is sound. The way sound moves, how fast, our ears' perception of it, musical theory and instruments. Just about everything.

nice.........my background is in physical acoustics :cool::cool:

my favorite trick was to light cotton on fire with sound !! Edited by johnptc
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Sounds coool...

drank it down to 20 Hz, and they'll see things an dfeel things but not hear em!!

I work in the entertainment industry, and we deal with 100,000 watt PA systems, and 1500 watt bass cabinets, by the dozen, so I have seen/felt some of the things you are talking about.

Good stuff, Thanks for sharing, any video??

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I have a short video, but it doesnt give the full effect because my camera ran out of space just as i started the sound. I have lengthier videos on a friends camera, but i havent had the opportunity to get those from him.
Oh and i just found out that i cannot attach quicktime movie files... If your interested enough to see the video i guess i could email it to anyone? im not sure though

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