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Me too Junker,

My daughter-in-law is a professional photographer and was going to teach me but she has that only the best gene. Not trying to impress anyone just want to take a few pictures and not break the bank doing it.

I think a trip to Best Buy and a talk with the Geek Squad might fix me up.

Good Luck...Dave

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so i got the pics of my workspace and anvil... the workspace is essentially a shack.... and the anvil is a 3/4in. I-beam stood on end with 2 pieces of 1in. plate steel forge welded together with an O/A torch and a hammer and them welded on top of the I-beam





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If you put a couple diagonals between the posts and roof beams it'll stiffen it up quite a bit.

It's better than I had for a lot of years. I like the helpers too, I think the one is convinced you put a ball up there.


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