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Hey guy's, need an "interview" for research final.

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so, as the graduation finale for our highschool, it is required of us to do something called a senior project, where in we take from beginning to end a task that is closely wound with our interests. I of course chose blacksmithing, and metal forming

so, for my project, we needed to make something tangible, so My mentor and I have converted a stall in our pole barn to be an enclosed, (ventilated) blacksmith, and general metal shop. its about 12x 40ft and will have all my existing equipment in it. I'm not new to blacksmithing, though I certainly have a way's to go. but anyway.
As part of the project, I need someone to interview, it can be an online interview, all I need is a printout of our conversation, and I would be seriously in debt to any of the Knowledgeable members of this forum if they wouldn't mind helping me out. The project is due next Wednesday :/

What I would need advice on is the layout and placement of the elements to my shop. I have a 120lb Russian anvil, a 200lb metal table, a charcoal/coal forge, a propane forge, a post vice, and bins/racks for scrap material.

so anyway, if anyone is interested in helping me out, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again,
-Kenon Rain

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I would be happy to do an online interview with you. I do not have a huge amount of blacksmithing time but I have been working steel for twelve years now and I am also an architecture student. I would be happy to draw up some plans for ya. PM me with further details.

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Since IForgeIron is an international forum, you try to get input from Dale Russel in Oz, Philip in China, Valentin in Romania, Hofi in Israel, Frosty in Alaska, and others. Ted T is building a new shop in Utah and did a good deal of research on the subject of placement of the equipment.

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I've been smithing for about 28 years now and could help as well.

You will need to be able to tell us *what* the shop is being designed for. Big difference laying out a shop to make railings where you will want to swing a 20' stick of steel around in it to a knife shop where the forging area should be tight and close.

If you look at how kitchen work areas are laid out it's surprisingly similiar with the blacksmiths work triangle of Forge:Anvil:Vise replacing Stove:Refrigerator:Sink

Can you put the propane forge on a cart? (easy to convert an old gas grill cart to a forge cart by dumping the grill and bolting a piece of sheetmetal across the gap where the grill went---it will hold a propane bottle too! That way you can move the propane forge around to be close to whatever tool you need to use the most. So if you need to do 200 bends---have it handy to the post vise and if you are welding up billets put it right by the anvil, etc.

If you are thinking of knifemaking you may want to cordon off about 10' of that 40' and make a "clean room" for fitting and finishing knives away from smoke and grinding grit.

Don't forget a stock storage area too.

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