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Typical Cost to machine an acme thread

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I was just wondering what it would cost to machine an acme threaded rod and nut. I only need about 6-8" of threaded rod. So I would think that purchasing pre-made rod cost prohibitive to the application. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

P.S. the diameter of the rod is to be 5/8" and right hand thread 2tpi or so

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I didn't check the machinery handbook, but I looked at Industrial Supply Equipment from MSC Industrial Supply , searched 5/8 acme, and rolled through a couple pages. I don't think 5/8-2 tpi is a common size. You can get a 5/8-8 nut for $18USD , and 36 inches of steel thread for $21. A machine shop with $50-$100/hr shop rate couldn't touch that.

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If it's for a flypress it needs to be a multi lead thread VERY DIFFERENT than a single lead thread. Flypresses put immense stresses on their structure; home building them is quite an endevor---I like watching the 2 3x4" thick steel bars flex when I slam the flypress home on what I have on top of them.

I was assuming the original question was about repairing a post vise.

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Where flypresses excell is in sharp pressure spikes as the ram bottoms out and reverses directions---why they are good for coining as the metal "squirts" when the pressure spikes.

Of course I have a large screwpress; 42" dia toroid; but it cost me under US$100 in mint condition...

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